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Dandelion Root Tincture

Dandelion Root Tincture

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This listing is for a small batch 1oz tincture of dandelion root harvested by Azí at Bread and Roses Farm of Kansas City, Missouri in June of 2023. 

Tinctures are alcohol based plant infusions. This tincture was brewed in clear rum. (Look at that beautiful color!)

Benefits of Dandelion Root: 🌿 dandelion root is also known as liver and galbladder support! known to improve digestion and overall flow of fluids while detoxing and purifying with resilience. 

The dandelion roots were harvested and submerged fresh during Azí's personal season of grief mountain, right before their birthday - and a life altering trip - needless to say emergent conversation was weaving about as each stubborn, deep root was dug up and each tear fell!

This tincture may assist in, co-create with and or harness the energy of grief, endings, depression, beginnings, trying something new and letting go to make way for new life. 

Keynotes: vitamin rich, immunity support, grounding, lymphatic, liver and gut health, loving awareness.

To build a sustainable relationship with this root, I suggest taking half of a dropper a day under your tongue while gradually building up towards 1-3 droppers throughout your day.

You are deeply encouraged to deep dive into all of the medicinal, spiritual & metaphysical benefits of all plantcestor listed above.. ✨️ 


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