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From tinctures, bath salt blends, teas, clay masks to their monthly Patreon readings, everything Azi has to offer is created with so much love and it shows. I am absolutely obsessed with the bath salt blends I have purchased. I’m not sure if I’m even able to pick a favorite, each one is perfectly blended for whatever day I am having!

I’m always excited to see what they have to offer next!! 

Amanda Hall

I love the emails. I love your content but even then it’s not content. Guidance. Your guidance means everything.

Ren Traverson

Azi has made me some amazing products that I use daily including a Moldavite and Quartz crystal wire wrap necklace and a lovely herbal bath soak. I can tell you they put their love and energy into everything they create and I am grateful to have experienced their spiritual gifts. They are also an excellent tarot reader - coming from a reader himself. All the love.

Mark Allen

I would like to recommend them as a resource to support before the holidays start.

Whether it's a guided meditation or channeled card reading or a reiki-infused healing gift, I always feel a huge weight lift off my chest afterwards and I am extremely grateful for that. ✨

Shannon Morris

Every product Azi makes is created with intention and love through every step of the process. They use high quality ingredients for each of the healing products, with unique herbal blends. Using any of Azi's products feels like getting a warm loving embrace.

As a reiki practitioner, Azi creates a safe atmosphere to learn & facilitate healing. They have an abundance of knowledge, which they share through Patreon for their subscribers.

Azi creates luxurious bath soaks, and I have many that I rotate through depending on my mood. My favorite ritual is to take some Loving Eyes, Loving Mind elixir then relaxing in a candle lit herbal bath soak while listening to one of Azi's (YouTube) HZ playlists.

Melanie Gipson

I am and will continue to be a repeat customer. I have earrings, hand wrapped crystals, sprays and soon teas from Azi and the joy they bring has to be felt to be understood. To this day my favorite stone is the wrapped tigers eye. Not only was it lovingly wrapped but also information on it's properties were provided and that kind of attention really makes the experience amazing.

Tina Williamson