Earth Day + New Moon Yoga Nidra

Earth Day + New Moon Yoga Nidra

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The Outer(net) presents...

Our second IN-PERSON collective gathering of 2023.

*we stand in solidarity with disability justice and this is a masked event.
location will be announced upon registration! if you would like to know this information before registering, please email me:


On Wednesday, April 19th, 2023 we will gather 7:30pm-9:30pm in ritual of this years Earth Day and the New Moon as we enter Taurus Season in Tropical Astrology,


This will be an open portal for our love letters of earthly delights and desires to find grounding during Eclipse Season, and throughout Mercury Retrograde. 

The structure of these curated spaces has shifted a couple ways, all in efforts to better support the community as a whole.

Our evening will flow in this direction:

7:30-7:55pm || arrive, set-up and settling in with organic introductions; refreshments will be served upon arrival, you are also encouraged to bring treats'n'trinkets to offer to all on our altar; this can look like oranges, baked goods, flowers or affirmations, and all the in-between.

8:00-8:30pm || Primordial Breathwork & Intuitive + Ecstatic Movement 

8:30-9:00pm || Guided Sound Bath + Meditation

9:00-9:30pm || Circle Share; Collective Integration + Decompression


These events are capped at 24 for safety and to preserve intimacy, and rarely reach that capacity. Please bring altar items if you wish, and or goods to share with each other. You are never required to bring anything to offer to the group, as everyone will bring what is needed to fulfill us all. offer only what is within your means, *if you bake things or bring items that are not labeled and identifiable, please make a name tag with ingredients to go with it on our altar.


Items you are encouraged to bring to soak up this energy on our Collective altar.. this can be jewelry, crystals, a photo, flowers, plants, salt, a candle, etc - these can also be placed on a small alter directly by your space pod if that feels more accessible to you. :)


these principle exists to aid in building community in the human capacities we have while honoring all the inherent needs we all need to meet in our day-to-day rituals. i will aim to have water and a herbal infusion at every gathering.


This 2 hour offering is offered on a pay-what-you-can-receive-what-you-need sliding scale basis of $25.00 to $55.00.


COMMUNITY - your presence is a gift!

RESTORATIVE - lets worldbuild together!

SUSTIENANCE - nourishing me, nourishing you, nourishing another!

RIPPLE OUT - pay it forward, reserve your spot and aid in supporting anothers!


If financial support is needed:



*If this still does not rest within your current capacity, please reach out to me for an Outer(net) scholarship!